CBC008 -

Ring Forth! Holy Bells

20 Towers of the Surrey Association.

CBC016 -

Ring Forth! Guildford Guild

20 Towers of the Guildford Guild

CBC020 -

Bells for All Occasions

All you need to play bells for Services, Weddings, Funerals, New year etc


CBC032 -

Ring Forth!  Westminster

Bells of the Abbey and Palace of Westminster with historical guide

CBC033 -

Ring Forth! Holy Bells 2

21 more towers of the Surrey Association.  Celebrating its 125th Anniversary.

CBC035 -

Ring Forth! Coventry Guild

A Centenary collection of towers from the Coventry Diocese.


DVD of a re-hang project at St. Mary’s, Beddington.

A 1 hr documentary film of all aspects of a typical re-hang project.

If you are a past member of the former Cantate Boys’ Choir and looking for archive recordings  or you think we have recorded an ensemble you were a member of and you would like a copy - please contact us on:


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Treble soloist recordings
CBC002 CBC002 - A Grateful Heart (re-mastered)

20 Beautiful solos by Gary Strutton