Babushka and the Three Kings

Ages Nursery upwards. Comes with Backing tracks/Guide Vocals. Duration 20-25 mins.

This show has been especially written for young voices and is suitable from Nursery ages upwards.  It was first performed with a large group of around 50 children from ages 4 to 7 yrs, however, it could easily be performed with fewer numbers. Even Nursery aged children can be involved in this as one of our sons was only three when we wrote it and insisted we all sang along with the music when in the car!


The songs are all short, catchy and written within a range easily mastered by young voices. Our very own Tamasine Kimber has provided the rehearsal track singing to assist those directors who need it! The music can easily be sung un-conducted but an encouraging face in front of the ensemble is always helpful.


The Story follows the tale of a Lady called Babushka who hears about the birth of the baby Jesus but is too busy tidying and cleaning to go to visit. There are some Groovy Kings and plenty of the usual characters!



The parts as directed in the script are as follows:

Babushka (One solo song)

3 X Kings

Innkeeper (One optional solo line)

3x Kings' Pages

Narrators (2+)

Villagers (up to 18 lines)

Additional non-speaking characters - Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherds etc.

Optional solo singing parts (Song 7- Have you seen a baby?)


Download Sample Script and info here - Babushka Sample Script.pdf


Listen to samples of the songs


1. It’s Showtime -               2. Hurry, Hurry! -                3. Bright new star -


4. Three Kings -                5. Come with us -                6. Lullaby Baby -


7. Have you seen a baby?                          8. Finale - It’s Christmas.



Prices and ordering

Click on the links and you will be directed to download (where appropriate) and payment options with PayPal


Download Script and music tracks  - £24.99  (Includes performance license)


NOTE: You will be given a link to download which you must do at the point of purchase. If you get stuck/lose the link or any other problem, do email us and we will do our best to get the material or links to you as soon as we can!


Order printed material and CD - £29.99 (Includes performance license.)


These will be sent via standard mail to the address given at the point of sale with PayPal. If you are ordering for yourself and wish it to be sent to a school, please indicate this with a note at checkout or email us with details.


For any queries which we will endeavour to sort, contact us at:-

it's showtime excerpt.mp3
Hurry hurry excerpt.mp3
Bright New star excerpt.mp3
Lullaby baby excerpt.mp3
Have you seen a baby excerpt.mp3
Three kings excerpt.mp3
Come with us excerpt in C.mp3
Finale excerpt.mp3

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